Linux Fedora 17 Gnome3 64-bit How to Install MariaDB Stable/Development Release Easy Guide

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This Short Guide Shows You Step-by-Step How to Install the Latest MariaDB Server Stable/Development Release for Fedora Linux 17 Gnome3 x8664 Desktop.

The MariaDB Foundation have Predisposed the Repositories for Several Linux Distros and between them is Present also that for Fedora Linux.

Finally, to the article Bottom there is a Link to Guides for How to Getting-Started with MariaDB on Linux.

Linux Gnome Penguin MariaDB
  1. How to SetUp MariaDB Repositories for Fedora Linux 17 64bit

    Fedora MariaDB Repos SetUp
  2. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)


    Fedora Linux Gnome3 Open Terminal
  3. Install MariaDB Server & Client:

    su -c "yum install MariaDB-server MariaDB-client"
  4. Getting-Started with MariaDB on Linux

    MariaDB Quick Start Guides
  5. How to Install Google-Chrome Browser on Fedora Linux

    Install Chrome for Fedora

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