Linux Lubuntu How to Install PHP Pecl Http Easy Visual Guide

July 12, 2013 | By Duchateaux.

This Short Guide shows you Step-by-Step How to Install and Enable the Latest PHP Pecl Http Module for Linux Lubuntu i386/amd64 Desktop.

The Best Way to Install the Http Module is to Provide Directly to Download, Compile and Install the Latest Pecl Http Release.

To the Article Top there is a Link to Enabling the PECL Command on Linux Lubuntu.

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  1. How to Install/Enable Pecl Command on Linux Lubuntu

    PHP PECL for Lubuntu
  2. Open Terminal Window
    Lubuntu Raring Open Terminal

  3. Download the PHP Pecl Http Module

    Latest Pecl Http
  4. Installing Pecl Http:

    tar xvzf pecl_http*.tar.gz
    cd pecl_http*/
    make install
    make test
  5. Enabling the PHP http Module:

    nano </path/2>/php.ini
    Linux How to Easy Locate/Search/Find Files/Directories/Paths on Command Line:

    Insert or UnComment a Line Containing:;

    Ctrl+x to Save & Exit.

  6. ReStart Apache to Load the Http Module:

    service apache2 restart

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