How-to SetUp Dovecot SASL Custom Password for Client Login on Linux Ubuntu Step-by-Step Guide

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The Easy Visual-Guide Shows You How Enabling Postfix Dovecot Secure eMail Client Login with Custom Password on Ubuntu Linux.

This Procedure is Interesting if You Want to Set a Different Password that Give Access Only to eMails.

The Postfix+Dovecot Configuration Proposed will Permit the eMail Client Connection and Retrieval from Your Server.

If You Do Not Already Dispose of a Working Postfix eMail Server then Before Follow the Guide to Enabling Dovecot SASL.

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  1. How-to Enable Dovecot SASL Auth for Postfix:

    Enabling Dovecot SASL Auth
  2. Open Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Cmd and Search “term”

    Ubuntu Linux Raring Open Terminal
  3. Generate a Password File for Dovecot Login
    echo "$USER:{PLAIN}password" > passwd.dovecot

    Change “password” with Your Pass!

  4. Enable a Password File for Dovecot Login
    sudo mv passwd.dovecot /etc
  5. Latest Restart Postfix
    service postfix restart
  6. Then You Should Finally Have a Fully Functional and Secure eMail Server with Enabled Client Smtp, Pop & Imap Login.

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