Getting Started With Redis NoSQL Database on Linux Lubuntu Step-by-Step Easy Guide

July 22, 2013 | By Regaz.

The Guide shows you Step-by-Step How to Getting-Started Quickly with the Latest Redis NoSQL Database Stable/Development Release for Linux Lubuntu 32/64-bit.

Redis is an In Memory NoSQL Database Very Fast, Versatile and Scalable, Look at the StartUp Guide for More Insight About It…

The Redis Database Dispose of the Following Data Types:

  • String

  • List

  • Set

  • Hash

  • ZSet

Gnome Penguin Redis
  1. How to Install Redis on Linux Lubuntu

    Lubuntu Redis Installation
  2. Open Terminal Window
    Lubuntu Raring Open Terminal

  3. Starting Redis Server

    sudo su -c "redis-server"
  4. Starting Redis Console

  5. Hello World String Example

    Inserting (hello, world) Key, Value Pair:

    >set hello world


    Getting “world” Value from “hello” Key:

    >get hello


  6. Further Examples on Redis Structure Types

    Redis Structure Commands

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