Apache Cassandra Debian Install & Getting Started Easy-Visual Guide

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The Post Presents a Step-by-Step Database Apache Cassandra Debian Install and Getting-Started Tutorial.

On the Cassandra Debian Install Guide Bottom You Find Link to Extended Documentation Using the CQL API to Talk with Cassandra in: Python, Java, Node.js, Clojure, .NET, Ruby, Perl, Go, Haskell, C++.

The Cassandra Debian Install Guide Details are Expressly Minimal to Give Focus Only to the Essentials Instructions and Commands and Make the Tut Easier to Understand ;)

Cassandra Debian Install - Linux GNOME Penguin Cassandra
  1. How to Install Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database on Debian Linux

    Installing Cassandra for Debian
  2. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

  3. Connect to Cassandra Instance

  4. Create a Keyspace and Column Family

    Before to Start Inserting some Data into Cassandra is Necessary must have these Storing Places.

    create keyspace mykeyspace;
    use mykeyspace;
    create column family mycolumnfamily
    ...   with key_validation_class = 'UTF8Type'  
    ...   and comparator = 'UTF8Type'        
    ...   and default_validation_class = 'UTF8Type';
  5. Inserting and Reading on Cassandra Database

    To Store Data Use the “set” Command:

    set mycolumnfamily[1][name] = myself;

    To Retrieve Data from Cassandra Use the “get” Command:

    get mycolumnfamily[1];
  6. Getting-Started Talking with Cassandra by Your Favorite Language

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