Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database Installation on Debian GNU/Linux Easy-Visual Guide

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Apache Cassandra Quick Start for Debian Linux

The Guide Shows You Step-by-Step How to Install and Getting-Started with the Latest Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database for Debian Linux 7-Wheezy/8-Jessie/9-Stretch/10-Buster i386/amd64 Desktop.

Here is Described a Local Installation because for a System-Wide One the User Need to have Root-Privileges… The Default System Installation Instead is Pre-Configured to be in /var/lib/cassandra Directory with Logs in /var/log/cassandra.

Pre-Requisite to Cassandra is the Oracle Official Java JDK6 Installation because the Newest JDK is Not Recommended…

The Contents and Details of How to Install Apache Cassandra on Debian Wheezy 7 are Essentials and Give Focus only to Instructions and Commands.

Install Apache Cassandra on Debian Wheezy 7 - Featured
  1. Download Latest Apache Cassandra Release:

    Apache Cassandra tar.gz
  2. Double-Click on Archive and Extract into /tmp

    Install Apache Cassandra on Debian Wheezy 7 - Lxde Archive Extraction
    Or from Shell:

    tar xvzf ~/Downloads/apache-cassandra*bin.tar.gz -C /tmp
  3. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)
    Install Apache Cassandra on Debian Wheezy 7 - Lxde Open Terminal
  4. Relocate Cassandra Directory
    mv /tmp/apache-cassandra* $HOME/cassandra/
    mkdir $HOME/cassandra/{commitlog,log,data,saved_caches}
  5. Edit Configuration File
    cd $HOME/cassandra
    nano conf/cassandra.yaml

    Modify the Following Lines:

    • data_file_directories: /home/<username>/cassandra/data

    • commitlog_directory: /home/<username>/cassandra/commitlog

    • saved_caches_directory: /home/<username>/cassandra/saved_caches

  6. Set Log Directory
    nano conf/log4j-server.properties


  7. Start Cassandra Instance
  8. Check Connection to Cassandra Instance with nodetool
    ./bin/nodetool --host ring

    The Output will Confirm that the Cassandra Database is Successfully Installed on Your Debian System :)

  9. Install Required Oracle Java JDK for Debian Linux

    Install Oracle JDK 6+ for Debian

    Formerly the JDK 6 was preferable but to Verify Now…

  10. Getting-Started with Cassandra Database:

    Cassandra Quick Start Guide
  11. Then Thanks to the Apache Software Foundation You are Able to Getting-Started with NoSQL Database Apache Cassandra on Debian Linux.

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