Oracle 12c Database Installation on Linux How-to Fix the Kernel Parameters

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The Tip Simply Shows How-to Fix Linux Kernel Parameters for Oracle 12c Database Installation Linux.

This is Good Especially when you Need a Quick Fix During the Installation Process…

Then If the Automatic Fixing Script is Not Solving you will Find a Link to How-to Manually SetUp the Needed Kernel Parameters.

Linux Penguin Oracle 12c
  1. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)
  2. Run the Auto-Fixing Script

    Then if Still in Trouble See “Apendix D” of:
    Oracle Online Documentation on How-to Manually SetUp Linux Kernel Parameters.

  3. Next If Installation is Already in Course do:
    • Click “Check Again”
    • Is still Not Passed Check “Ignore All” and Follow Up
  4. How-to Install Oracle 12c Database on Oracle Linux 6.X:

    Installing Oracle 12c Database
  5. This Procedure Should Fix the Kernel Parameters Requirements, but If Not You Can Just Follow Up with Installation because in a Second Time You will have the Possibility to Adjust the Oracle 12c Database Installation.

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