FreeBSD 10 32bit How-to Install a Custom Kernel with Extensions Easy Guide

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FreeBSD 10 i386 How-to Install a Custom Kernel

This Short Guide Shows YouHow-to Recompile and Install a FreeBSD 10 i386 Custom Kernel with a Kernel Extension.

The Kernel Extension Installed in this Tutorial is also the Prerequisite for VMWare Tools Installation over Unix FreeBSD 10 32bit Guest.

FreeBSD 10 i386 How-to Install a Custom Kernel - Featured
  1. Boot in Single-User Mode or Simply to Command Prompt

  2. Login as Superuser:

  3. Install the Kernel Extension Package:

    pkg install subversion compat6x-i386

    FreeBSD 10 Getting Started Searching and Installing Packages:

    FreeBSD 10 pkg Quick-Start
  4. Install a Custom Kernel with Extensions

    1. Download the FreeBSD 10 Distribution Sources

      svn co /usr/src

      Here Take a Break Because you need to Wait for a Long Wile

    2. Make a New Kernel Configuration File

      cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf

      If Do Not Know How to Proceed then You should Simply use the Default Config File:

    3. Build a Custom Kernel

      cd /usr/src
      make -j `sysctl -n hw.ncpu` buildworld

      Here Take another Time-Out Waiting for a Wile

      make -j `sysctl -n hw.ncpu` buildkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL

      Last Keep Patient and Still Wait Again for a While until the Process is Achieved with:

      Kernel build for MYKERNEL completed

    4. Lastly Install the New Kernel

      make installkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL
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