How-to Install OpenSUSE 13.1/13.2 KDE Desktop on VMware Fusion 6 Easy Visual Guide

February 16th, 2014 by Stalker

Install OpenSUSE 13.X KDE on VMware Fusion 6

The Tutorial Shows You Visually and Step-by-Step How-to Install OpenSUSE 13.X Live KDE Desktop on VMware Fusion 6.

OpenSUSE 13.X KDE Come with Multiples New Features:

  • KDE 4.11 with Improved Search and Android Integration
  • Stability: Evergreen Release
  • Networked: OpenStack Havana with almost 400 new features
  • Evolved: delivers GCC 4.8 with new error reporting abilities
  • Polished: new font engine in Freetype 2.5
  • Faster
  • Feature-full: Android devices integration in the KDE file manager
  • Innovative Experimental Technologies: as Wayland support as Ultra high-resolution

To the OpenSUSE 13.X KDE Installation Guide Bottom Link to VMware Tools Installation for OpenSUSE 13.X Desktops.

OpenSUSE 13.X KDE Installation Steps on VMware Fusion 6 - Featured
  1. Download OpenSUSE 13.X Live KDE Desktop i586/x8664:

    Get OpenSUSE 13.X ISO
  2. Create a New Virtual Machine

  3. Select OpenSUSE 13.X KDE ISO Image

  4. Then Set to SUSE OS Type

  5. Naming as OpenSUSE 13.X KDE

  6. Click on Customize Settings

  7. Set Up VM RAM Size

    2Gb Recommended.

  8. Set Disk Size to At Least 64Gb

    Take Note: The Disk then will be Auto-Growing and 64Gb here it’s Just the Upper Limit!

  9. Boot the OpenSUSE 13.X KDE VM

  10. Set Language and Keyboard Layout

  11. Set Up Country and Time Zone

  12. Partitioning

    The Proposed Set Up Should be Just Fine but if You Prefer then Make a Custom One :)

  13. Creating User

  14. Then Proceed to Installation and Auto-Configuration

  15. Re-Boot Into the OpenSUSE 13.X KDE Desktop!

  16. How-to Install VMware Tools for OpenSUSE 13.1:

    VMware Tools Installation Guide

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