How to Easy Partitioning PC With Windows 8 Hard Drive By GParted Free

March 17, 2014 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist.

Easy Partitioning Win 8 Disk

The Visual-Guide shows you Ste-by-Step How to Partitioning PC Windows 8 Installation Disk with GParted Live Free.

GParted is a Free and Open Source Fantastic Tool to Use for Easy Partitioning Most File Systems.

Most noteworthy: be Aware that there is a Potential Data Loss in the Process, so if your Disk Contains Valuables Data may be Best to Back-Up Before…

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  1. Download Latest GParted Live Free:
    GParted Live.

  2. How to Burn GParted ISO to CD/DVD

    Burning GParted ISO to CD/DVD
  3. Booting from GParted Live Media.

    Here Below Instructions on How to Boot from GParted Live!.

    Partioning Windows 8 Disk - Starting GParted

    Windows 8 Disabling “Secure Boot” and Boot from CD/DVD

    Win8 GParted CD/DVD Booting Setup
  4. Accept the Default KeyMaps.

    Partioning Windows 8 Disk - Don't Touck KeyMap

  5. Select your KeyMap/KeyBoard-Layout.

    Partioning Windows 8 Disk - Don't Touck KeyMap

  6. Starting GParted Live GUI.

    Partioning Windows 8 Disk - Launch GParted GUI

  7. Select Partition and Click on Resize/Move.

    Partioning Windows 8 Disk - Resize/Move

  8. Set New Partitions Size.

    Partioning Windows 8 Disk - Resize/Move

  9. Apply!.

    Partioning Windows 8 Disk - Apply

    Be Aware of a Potential Data Loss Risk…

    Partioning Windows 8 Disk - Potential Data Loss

  10. Successfull Ntfs Partitioning.

    Partioning Windows 8 Disk - Apply

    After you can Reboot and Start with the Other OS Installation Using the Newly Created Free Space…

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