How-to Install WildFly on Debian Wheezy 7 32/64-bit Linux Desktop/Server Easy Visual-Guide

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Install WildFly on Debian Wheezy 7

The Tutorial Shows You How-to Install and Getting-Started with the Latest WildFly for Debian Wheezy 7 i386/amd64 Linux Desktop/Server.

WildFly App Server main Features:

  • Unparalled Speed: Fast Startup. Ultimate Web Performance & Scalability.
  • Exceptionally Lightweight: Memory Diet. Slimable / Customizable Runtime.
  • Powerful Administration: Unified Configuration & Management. Domain & Standalone Management.
  • Supports Latest Standards and Technology: Java EE 7. Modern Web.
  • Modular Java: No more jare hell! Fast Linking & Concurrent Loading
  • Easily Testable: Arquillian. Smarter Development.

Inside the Post you Find Links to Installing JDK and to Getting-Started with WildFly for Debian Linux.

To make the whole WildFly Install on Debian Wheezy 7 Easy to Understand and Visualize the Post Includes the Basic Screenshots of All GUI Steps involved.

Install WildFly on Debian Wheezy 7 - Featured
  1. Download Latest WildFly JEE App Server:

    WildFly App Server tar.gz
  2. Open Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Or Login into Shell…

    Install WildFly on Debian Wheezy 7 Open Terminal
  3. Double-Click on Archive and Extract Into /tmp

    Install WildFly on Debian Wheezy 7 Extraction
    Or from Shell:

    tar xvfz wildfly*.tar.gz -C /tmp/
  4. How-to Install Recommended Oracle JDK on Debian

    Install Oracle JDK 7/8 for Debian
  5. Relocate WildFly App Server

    1. Login as SuperUser


      If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then Look: Solution

    2. And Switch WildFly

      chown -R root:root /tmp/wildfly*
      mv /tmp/wildfly* /opt/wildfly
  6. Set User’s Env Variable and Path

    1. Logout from SuperUser

    2. Edit User .bashrc File Settings

      nano ~/.bashrc


      export JBOSS_HOME=/opt/wildfly;
      export PATH=$JBOSS_HOME/bin:$PATH

      Ctrl+x to Save & Exit from nano :)

    3. Load New Environment Set-Up
  7. How-to Getting-Started with WildFly on Linux:

    Quick-Start with Latest WildFly
  8. So Now Thanks to Red Hat Inc.
    You Should Finally Fully Dispose of a Latest WildFly JEE Server Installation Debian Linux ;)

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