How-to Install Hue Hadoop Web GUI on Kubuntu 14.04 Trusty LTS Linux Easy Guide

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Cloudera Hue Hadoop UI Quick-Start on Kubuntu 14.04 LTS

The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Install and Getting-Started with the Latest Hue Web interface for analyzing Apache Hadoop Data for Kubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr LTS i386/amd64 Linux.

Hue aggreates the most common Apache Hadoop components into a single interface and targets the user experience.
Its main goal is to have the users “just use” Hadoop without worrying about the underlying complexity or using a command line.

Hue supports a file and job browser, Hive, Pig, Impala, Spark, Oozie, HBase, Solr, Sqoop2, ZooKeeper and more.

Hue comes with an SDK that lets you reuse Hue’s libraries so you can start building apps on top of Hadoop.

Hue Quick-Start on Kubuntu 14.04 LTS - Featured
  1. How-to Getting Started with Hadoop/Map-Reduce on Kubuntu:

    Hadoop Quick-Start Kubuntu
  2. Open a Command Line Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Cloudera Hue Hadoop UI Quick-Start on Kubuntu 14.04 LTS - Open Terminal
  3. Installing Pre-Requisite Stuff

    	sudo su -c "apt-get install ant gcc g++ libkrb5-dev libmysqlclient-dev libssl-dev \
    libsasl2-dev libsasl2-modules-gssapi-mit libsqlite3-dev libtidy-0.99-0 libxml2-dev \
    libxslt-dev maven libldap2-dev python-dev python-setuptools git"
  4. Installing Latest Cloudera Hue

    git clone
    cd hue
    make apps

    Troubleshooting Hue Make Installation Linux:

    Solve Hue Virtualenv Issue
  5. Running Hue Dev Server

    build/env/bin/hue runserver

    After You can Login on: http://localhost:8000

    Hue Quick-Start on Kubuntu 14.04 LTS - Hue Web UI Login

  6. Hue Getting-Started Online Docs:

    Hue Quick-Start Guide

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