How to Install Oracle Linux 7 Gnome 3 Desktop on VMware Workstation 10 Easy Visual Guide

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Oracle Linux 7 Desktop Installation Steps on VMware Workstation 10

The Tutorial shows you Visually and Step-by-Step How to Install Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 GNOME 3 Desktop 32/64-bit on VMware Workstation 10.

The only Linux distribution to support DTrace, Oracle Linux now offers complete integration with this popular dynamic tracing framework for superior observability, troubleshooting, and performance analysis.

At this Time You will need to First, Installing the Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 Server and then on Top the GNOME 3 Desktop.

Oracle Linux 7 Distribution Support the Following Kernel:

  • Red Hat Compatible Kernel (RHCK), based on mainline Linux version 3.10.
  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 (UEK R3), starting with 3.8.13, based on mainline Linux version 3.8. This is the default kernel.

How to Install Oracle 11g R2 Database on Oracle Linux 6

  1. Download Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 Server

    Oracle OEL 7 Server Dvd
  2. Create a New Virtual Machine.

  3. Browse for Oracle Linux 7 DVD ISO Image.

  4. Chose the OS Type.

  5. Set the VM Name.

  6. Set Disk Size to At Least 64Gb.

    Select Store virtual disk as a single file.

  7. Click on Finish to Start VM.

  8. Start Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 Server Installation.

  9. On the Welcome Screen Select Language.

  10. Select the Destination HD Drive.

    Then Click on the “Done” Button

  11. Start Installation Process.

  12. Set the Root Password.

    Then Click on the “Done” Button

  13. Create a Regular User.

    Check the “Make this user Administrator” Box

    Then Click on the “Done” Button

  14. The Wait Until Installation is Acieved.

  15. Finnaly Reboot Your New Oracle Enterprise 7 Linux.

  16. How to Install GNOME 3 UI Desktop for Oracle 7 Server

    Installing GNOME3 on OEL 7
  17. How to Install VMware Tools for Oracle Linux 7

    Installing VMware-Tools on OEL 7

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