How to Enter BIOS on Windows 8 without UEFI and Boot from CDRom Easy Guide

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Windows 8 How to Change BIOS Settings

You are Welcome! The Tutorial shows you Step-by-Step How to Change the BIOS Settings on Windows 8 without UEFI to Boot from CD/DVD Media.

Windows 8 Change BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD - Featured
  1. Restart Windows 8 in Recovery Environment.

    • Hold Down the Shift Key and Click on Restart Button.

    • By DOS Command:

      1. Open Command Prompt Window.

        • Switch to Start View

          Just Pressing “Cmd” Key.

        • Search for Command Prompt

          Just Typing “command”

          Win8 Command Prompt
        • Right-Click > Run As Administrator
      2. Execute Command.

        shutdown /r /t 0
  2. Press F2 or Del Key on Boot Screen to Enter BIOS.

  3. Modify the Devices Boot Order.

    Windows 8 Change BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD - Set Boot Order

    In this same Case Use the “+” Key to Move CDROM on the Top of the Stack!

  4. Press F10 to Save & Reboot!

  5. If Do Not Works Follow This Troubleshooting

    Windows 8 Disabling Secure-Boot

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