How-to Quick-Start with Skype Calls on Lubuntu Linux

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How-to Quick-Start with Skype for Lubuntu Linux

The Linux Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Quick-Start with Skype on Lubuntu 15.04-Vivid/14.10-Utopic/14.04-Trusty/12.10-Quantal/12.04-Precise i386/amd64 Linux.

The Article include Link on How-to Install Latest Skype for Lubuntu Linux and Getting-Started with Skype Calls.

Skype Quick-Start on Lubuntu Linux - Featured
  1. How-to Install Latest Skype on Lubuntu:

    Install Skype for Lubuntu
  2. Launch Skype

  3. Skype >> Options

    Skype Quick-Start on Lubuntu Linux - Options

  4. Setup the Microphone

    • Sound Devices >> Open PulseAudio Volume Control

      Skype Quick-Start on Lubuntu Linux - Set Volumes

    • Input Devices Tab

      Check that Microphone is Selected on the DropDown!
      Skype Quick-Start on Lubuntu Linux - Set Microphone

  5. Then You should be Ready to Making Calls on Skype for Lubuntu Linux! :)

    How-to Install Adobe Reader for Lubuntu

    Install Adobe Reader on Lubuntu

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