Linux Elementary OS 0.2-Luna/0.3-Freya/0.4-Loki How to Shrink-Reduce-Resize a LVM Volume with Swap Easy Guide

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Shrink/Reduce/Resize LVM with Swap on Elementary OS 0.2-Luna/0.3-Freya/0.4-Loki

You are Welcome! The Tutorial shows you Step-by-Step How to Reduce/Shrink/Resize a LVM/LVM2 Volume to Free Up Space on Elementary OS 0.2-Luna/0.3-Freya/0.4-Loki/5.0-Juno/5.1-Hera GNU/Linux Desktop.

After to have Shrinked the LVM Logical Volume to FREE up Space You will Need also to Reduce the Physical LVM Volume!

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  1. Boot System with Ubuntu (Elementary/Kubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu) Live Media.

    How to Create a Live Ubuntu Media

    Getting and Burning Ubuntu
  2. Open Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    How to Shrink/Reduce/Resize a LVM Volume on Elementary OS 0.2-Luna/0.3-Freya/0.4-Loki/5.0-Juno/5.1-Hera - Open Terminal
  3. Find the LVM Volume Name to Shrink

    sudo su && lvmdiskscan

    It will be of the Form: /dev/my-vg/my-lv
    And if it’s the Root Volume it should Contains the ‘root’ Keyword…

  4. Shrinking/Reducing a LVM Volume on Elementary OS.

    Specifing the Final Size:

    lvreduce --resizefs --size 100G /dev/my-vg/my-lv

    or Specifing the Amount to Take Off:

    lvreduce --resizefs --size -50G /dev/my-vg/my-lv

    The ‘–resizefs‘ Flag is Fundamental in Succeeding because First, as needed it will Resize the File System.

  5. How to Shrink the LVM Physical Volume to Free Up Space

    Elementary Shrinking LVM Physical Volume

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