Quick-Start with GlassFish 4 Servlet Deployment on Ubuntu Linux Easy Guide

November 1st, 2014 by thelinuxevangelist

How-to Getting-Started with Deployment on GlassFish 4

The Linux Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Getting-Started with GlassFish 4 Java EE Web Servlet Deployment on Ubuntu Desktop/Server i386/amd64 Linux.

GlassFish App Server Benefits:

  • Java EE reference implementation: GlassFish is the Java EE reference
  • Supports the latest versions of the Java EE specification: GlassFish is the only Java EE application server in the market that supports the complete Java EE 7 specification.
  • Getting-Started with GlassFish 4 Deployment on Ubuntu - Featured
    1. Open a Command Line Terminal Window
      (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

      GlassFish 4 Deployment Quick-Start Ubuntu - Featured
    2. Eventually Download the Servlet Sample

      cd $HOME/Downloads/

      To List the directory contents and Verify the file is there:

      ls .

      If Not then Try to look into the /tmp folder…

      wget http://sviluppo-siti-web.com/files/sample.war
    3. Give Execution Permission

      chmod +x $HOME/Downloads/sample.war
    4. How-to Install GlassFish 4 App Server for Ubuntu Linux:

      Ubuntu GlassFish 4 Setup
    5. Open with Browser the Admin Backend

    6. Select Deploy an Application

      GlassFish 4 Deployment on Ubuntu - Deploy an Application
    7. Browse for the sample.war file

      GlassFish 4 Deployment on Ubuntu - Browing

      The Confirm with “OK”

      GlassFish 4 Deployment on Ubuntu Linux - Deployed Apps

      Then You Should have a Confirmation about the Deployed App…

    8. View the Deployed Servlet

      GlassFish 4 Deployment on Ubuntu Linux - Deploy an Application

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