Ubuntu Solving Sudo Error “is not in the sudoers file”

February 15, 2015 | By thelinuxevangelist | Filed in: Tutorial.

Adding User to sudoers Group

The Linux Troubleshooting Show How-to Add an User to the Sudoers Group on Ubuntu GNU/Linux Based Systems.

This correspond to Solve “User is Not in the Sudoers File” Issue!

Solve user is not in the sudoers file on Ubuntu Linux - Featured
  1. Try Again to Get SuperUser Powers

    sudo su

    Else Try to Switch to Another User with SuperUser/Admin Privileges!

    su [myUserSuper]

    If You do Not Dispose of any SuperUser then Look:

    Create a First SuperUser Guide
  2. Edit the sudoers File

    sudo visudo
  3. Enabling sudo for User


    root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL


    [myUser]	 ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

    Ctrl+x to Save & Exit.

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