KDE Plasma 5 Desktop How-to Group Application Windows on Bottom Panel

February 19th, 2015 by thelinuxevangelist

Grouping Application’s Windows on KDE 5 Panel

The Linux Tip Show Visually How-to Group the Application’s Windows on the KDE Plasma 5 Bottom Panel.

This Procedure is Essential to Keep the Desktop well Organized when you Open Many Windows…

KDE 5 Desktop How-to Group Applications Windows on Bottom Panel - Featured
  1. Right-Click App on Bottom Panel >> Task Manager Settings

  2. Uncheck “Only when panel is full”
    Leave Selected “Grouping by Program Name”


  3. Then if for some Reason it Doesn’t not Work for some Apps:
    Right-Click > More Actions > Toggle Leave this Program to be Grouped

Et Voilà!

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