How-to Tweak Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid to Run with Compiz Desktop Effects on Unity Shell

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Running Compiz on Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid

The Linux Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Run Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Linux/GNU Unity with Compiz Effects Integration.

Compiz is a compositing manager, which means that it Enhances the overall User Interaction by adding Fancy Effects from your windows to awesome desktop effects like the Desktop Cube or the Expo view.

The Compiz Integration with the Unity Desktop is Reached by Enabling the Unity Desktop Compiz Plugin on the CompizConfig Settings Manager.

Run Ubuntu Unity with Compiz - Featured
  1. How-to Install the Ubuntu Mate Desktop:

    Installed the Mate Desktop
  2. Log-Out
    On Log-In Screen Switch to Mate Desktop

  3. Open ConfigCompiz Settings
    On Mate: Apps > System > Effects > ConfigCompiz Settings

  4. Check that Mate Compatibility is Enabled

    Running Ubuntu Unity with Compiz - Mate Compatibility Enabled

  5. Enable the Unity Compiz Plugin
    On the “Desktop” Layer

    Running Ubuntu Unity with Compiz - Enabling Unity Shell Compiz Plugin

  6. Open Mate Control Center
    On Mate Tweak > Windows: Set Compiz a the Window Manager!

    Running Ubuntu Unity with Compiz - Set Compiz as Window Manager

  7. Log-Out
    On Log-In Screen You can Choose between Mate & Unity both Compiz Powered ;)
    On the Unity Desktop to Switch to Compiz Window Manager Run this Command:

    compiz --replace

Run Ubuntu Unity with Compiz - Unity Compiz

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