How-to Quick-Start with Grunt Automation on Debian Linux

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Grunt Quick-Start for Linux Debian

The Linux Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Getting-Started with Grunt Javascript Task Runner on Debian GNU/Linux.

With Grunt You have less work to do when performing repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc, the easier your job becomes.

After you’ve configured it through a Gruntfile, a task runner can do most of that mundane work for you—and your team—with basically zero effort.

How-to Quick-Start with Grunt Task Runner on Debian Linux - Featured
  1. Open a Shell session
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Grunt Automation Quick-Start for Debian Linux - Debian Gnome3 Open Terminal
  2. Getting-Started with Grunt CLI on Debian:

    Grunt CLI Installation
  3. Initial Grunt Project Configuration

    cd /[path/2/myProject]/
    sudo npm init

    You’ll be asked a series of questions about your project.
    To Begin with this project you can leave everything at the default settings.

  4. Installing Grunt Locally

    sudo npm install grunt
  5. Grunt Automation Tasks Quick-Start Docs:

    Grunt Automation Quick-Start

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