How to Quick-Start with Magnolia CMS Linux Elementary OS Step-by-Step Guide

March 5, 2016 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist.

Magnolia CMS Quick Start on Elementary OS Linux

You are Welcome! The Tutorial shows you Step-by-Step How to Install and Getting-Started with the Latest Magnolia Java Web CMS with Tomcat Bundle for Elementary OS GNU/Linux Desktop.

Magnolia CMS is an Open Source Content Management System Especially Suited to Easy and Agile Development of Enterprise Apps for SmartPhones.

Magnolia CMS Features makes you a rockstar at administration, authoring, customization, design, asset management, internationalization, interoperability, mobile, multichannel, performance, security and teamwork.

The Guide shows you the Terminal Commands for a System Wide Installation with Admin Privileges, if You Do Not Have SuperUser Privileges then Just Install on Your Home Directory.

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  1. Open a Terminal Shell emulator window
    Ctrl+Alt+t on desktop
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Magnolia CMS Quick Start for Elementary OS - Pantheon Open Terminal
  2. Check if Unzip is Installed.

    which unzip

    If Not there then:

    sudo apt-get install unzip
  3. Download Latest Magnolia CMS Community Edition

    Magnolia for Free
  4. Double-Click on Zip Archive and Extract into /tmp.

    install magnolia cms Elementary OS KDE .zip Extraction
    Or from Shell:

    unzip -d /tmp/ ~/Downloads/magnolia*.zip
  5. Check if Right Java is There

    java -version

    How to Install Required Oracle-Sun Official Java JRE 8+ on Elementary OS

  6. Relocate Magnolia CMS

    su -c 'mv /tmp/magnolia* /opt/'

    Set the SuperUser as owner with:

    sudo chown -R root:root /opt/magnolia*

    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then see: How to Enable sudo

  7. Making Magnolia Log Directory.

    mkdir -p $HOME/magnolia/logs
  8. Magnolia CMS Start Up

    /opt/magnolia*/apache*/bin/ start && tail -f $HOME/magnolia/logs/catalina.out

    Magnolia CMS Installation Troubleshootings

    Magnolia CMS Troubleshootings
  9. Next You Can Access Magnolia on Browser at:

    install magnolia cms Elementary OS - Magnolia CMS Deployed on Browser
  10. Getting-Started with Magnolia CMS Admin & Development

    Magnolia CMS Quick Start
  11. Now Thanks to Magnolia Company CMS Community Edition Your can Fully Enjoy the Magnolia CMS Java Web Development on Elementary OS.

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