How to Recover / Repair / Fix an Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial System with No Network

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Fixing Ubuntu with No Network

The Linux Tutorial Shows in East Steps How Troubleshooting an Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus LTS 32/64-bit System with No Network Working.

There are several ways to reactivate the Network of Ubuntu , here we consider the most Easily Running.

How to Recover / Repair / Fix an Ubuntu System with No Network - Featured
  1. How to Download & Burn Ubuntu Live OS

    Preparing Ubuntu Live Media Guide
  2. Boot the Computer with Ubuntu Live

  3. Find the Target /dev/sdXN Drive
    Look into the List of the Mounted devices with:

    df -h

    If You can Not to Find it then Try visually with GParted:

    sudo gparted
  4. Eventually Unmount it

    sudo umount /dev/sdXN
  5. How to Chrooting into Ubuntu with Network

    Chroot Ubuntu with No Netwoking
  6. Try a First System Repair with

    apt-get upgrade
  7. How to Fix Disk Errors Even if Ubuntu Non Bootable

    Restoring Ubuntu Disk Guide

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