How-to Recover / Repair / Fix an Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial System with No Network

June 1st, 2016 by thelinuxevangelist

Fixing Ubuntu with No Network

The Linux Tutorial Shows in East Steps How Troubleshooting an Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus LTS 32/64-bit System with No Network Working.

There are severals ways to reactivate the Network of Ubuntu , here we consider the most Easily Running .

How-to Recover / Repair / Fix an Ubuntu System with No Network - Featured
  1. How-to Download & Burn Ubuntu Live OS:

    Preparing Ubuntu Live Media Guide
  2. Boot the Computer with Ubuntu Live

  3. Find the Target /dev/sdXN Drive
    Look into the List of the Mounted devices with:

    df -h

    If You can Not to Find it then Try visually with GParted:

    sudo gparted
  4. Eventually Unmount it

    sudo umount /dev/sdXN
  5. How-to Chrooting into Ubuntu with Network:

    Chroot Ubuntu with No Netwoking
  6. Try a First System Repair with

    apt-get upgrade
  7. How-to Fix Disk Errors Even if Ubuntu Non Bootable:

    Restoring Ubuntu Disk Guide

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