Epson L200 Printer Driver + Software Utility & Quick-Start Scanning on SUSE Linux Based OSes

August 21st, 2016 by thelinuxevangelist

Epson L200 Inkjet Printer Quick-Start on SUSE Enterprise Linux

The Linux Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Properly Install the Epson L200 Series Inkjet Printer Driver, Printer Utility Software and Quick-Start Scanning on OpenSUSE/SUSE Linux 32/64-bit GNU/Linux Desktops.

To Get the Epson L200 Printer Recognized and Running on SUSE Linux Based systems you need to Download and Install the Epson Proprietary Driver.

Epson Printer Utility for Linux SUSE provides the following functions:

  • Printer Status´╝łError / Warning)
  • Ink Levels
  • Paper Count Information
  • Nozzle Check
  • Head Cleaning
How-to Install the Epson L200 Printer Driver and Software on SUSE Linux - Featured
  1. Download Epson Printer Drivers for SUSE Linux:

    Epson ‘L200’ .rpm Driver

    Get Epson ‘L200’ Printer Rpm Driver.

  2. Open a Terminal Shell emulator window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    How-to Install the Epson L200 Printer Driver and Software on SUSE Linux Based - OpenSUSE Leap KDE Open Terminal
  3. Change directory to the Download location
    Usually the $HOME/Downloads or the /tmp folders…
    So for instance:

    cd $HOME/Downloads
  4. Installing the Epson Printer Driver

    sudo zypper in ~/Downloads/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr*.rpm

    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then Look: Solution

  5. Download Epson Printer Utility for SUSE Linux:

    Epson Printer Utility .rpm
  6. To Install Epson Printer Utility follow the Same Procedure as for the Drivers

    sudo zypper in ~/Downloads/epson-printer-utility*.rpm

    Here below a Shot of the Epson Printer Utility with the well-marked Features…
    How-to Install the Epson L200 Printer on SUSE Enterprise Linux - Epson Printer Utility

  7. How-to Quick-Start with Epson Scanning on SUSE Linux:

    Epson Scanner Linux Quick-Start

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