How-to Install Oracle 11g Database on Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety 64bit Easy Guide | Managing DB & Troubleshootings

November 6th, 2016 by thelinuxevangelist

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The article contains the necessary instructions about How-to Manage the Oracle 11g R2 Database on Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety & Troubleshooting some Installation issues.

Oracle 11g DB Installation on Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety
6/6 Managing Database & Troubleshootings

    After you Should Access the “Enterprise Manager” on Browser by the URL shown on the Latest Screen.
    On a Localhost for Example you Should Access the Enterprise Manager by the Address:

    And you can Login with:
    User Name: SYS

    Password: oracleDatabasePassword

    From the Drop-down below Select >> Connect as SYSDBA

    You Should be Able to Access the Database by the Enterprise Manager!

    How Managing, Start & Stop Oracle 11g R2 Database by SQLPlus Commands

    How-to Getting-Started with SQLPlus for Oracle 11g DB:

    SQLPlus Oracle 11g Quick-Start

    Oracle 11g Database Troubleshooting Guides

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