Installing I2P on Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic LTS

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Installing I2P on Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How to Install I2P in Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic LTS GNU/Linux.

And I2P for Lubuntu Bionic is an Anonymous Network, exposing a simple layer that Applications can use to Anonymously and Securely Send Messages to each other.

What Can you do with I2PTunnel?.

  • Run an Anonymous Website (“eepsite”): simply by Running a Normal Webserver and Pointing to an I2PTunnel server.
  • Browse the “eepsites” with and I2PTunnel HTTP proxy (“eepproxy”)
  • Run an Anonymous IRC network, in the same way as for a Website

Most Noteworthy: I2P Cannot be Used to Access the Public Internet, but only Hidden Services Websites on the I2P network called “Eepsites”. Tor I2P Comparison.

So, if you want simply Access Anonymously the Public Web see Instead: How to Install Tor Browser on Lubuntu.

Finally, this guide includes detailed instructions about to Getting-Started with I2P Browsing on Lubuntu.

I2P Lubuntu 18.04 Installation Guide - Featured
  1. 1. Launching Shell Emulator

    Open a Terminal window
    Ctrl+Alt+t on Desktop
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    I2P Lubuntu 18.04 Installation Guide - Open Terminal Shell Emulator
  2. 2. Enabling I2P PPA Repo

    Add I2P PPA for Lubuntu GNU/Linux

    Install I2P Repo for Lubuntu
  3. 3. Installing I2P

    Then to Install I2P in Lubuntu
    Simply play:

    sudo apt install i2p
  4. 4. Running I2P

    Finally, Launch & Enjoy I2P.

    From Command Line Start I2P Server simply as:

    i2prouter start
  5. 5. I2P Browsing Getting-Started Guide

    Getting-Started with I2P Browser in Lubuntu GNU/Linux

    I2P Browsing Quick Start Guide
  6. So Now I’m truly Happy if My Guide could Help You to Getting-Started with I2P on Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic!

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