FreeBSD 11 How-to Getting-Started Easily Find-Search and Installing Packages

February 25th, 2017 by thelinuxevangelist

FreeBSD 11 Quick-Start Installing Packages

The Unix Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Getting-Started Easy Finding/Searching and Installing New Packages by the “pkg” Package Manager on FreeBSD 11.x.

The New FreeBSD 11 Package Manager Make a Breeze for Searching and Installing New Packages, You Just Need only to Get Initiated ;) There has been a lot of maturing technologies in FreeBSD 11, with many new features which make this release, I think, the most exciting one in years.

FreeBSD 11 Installing Packages Quick-Start - Featured
  1. Bootstrapping the FreeBSD 11 Package Manager

    su root
    pkg -v

    Confirm to Get Installed the Package Manager.

  2. Searching for Packages by Keyword

    pkg search [kEyWoRd]
  3. Installing Packages

    pkg install [packageNAME]
  4. (Optional) How-to Install KDE Plasma Desktop on FreeBSD 11

    Installed KDE Plasma

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