Kali Runlevel 3 How-to

July 24th, 2017 by thelinuxevangelist

Kali Runlevel 3

Hello Kali User! This Guide simply shows you Step-by-step How-to Kali Runlevel 3.

Especially relevant: for a Desktop first we Reboot system and then go to Runlevel 3.

  1. Reboot Kali

  2. Then on Grub Splash
    Hit ‘e‘ to Edit boot command:


  3. Next Find Line containing
    “echo ‘Loading initial ramdisk…”
    On Top of that after ‘quiet’ append a ‘3’!
    (Use arrows to navigating)


  4. Finally Hit Ctrl+x to Boot into Kali’s Shell!
    Login with your UserName & Pass…

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