Linux CentOS Change File Owner Tutorial

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CentOS Change File Owner

Welcome CentOS User! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step How-to Change File/Directory Owner on CentOS GNU/Linux Desktop/Server.

And the CentOS Change File Owner instruction is to Set a different Owner for Files and Directories on the CentOS File System.

Furthermore Mastering the Ownerships Over Files and Directories is the First Step in Setting Up Permissions and so Establishing a Security over the System.

Finally Following the Tutorial You will Get a Little Practice with the CentOS Shell Command Line.

CentOS Change File Owner - Featured
  1. CentOS Terminal Tutorial for Beginners:

    CentOS Terminal Quick Start
  2. Who Can Set/Change the Ownership?

    Only the Administrators or a Super-User Can Change a File/Directory Ownership!

  3. How to Set/Change the Ownership?

    • To Set/Change Ownership Over a Single File/Directory:

      sudo su -c "chown [myUser]:[myGroup] [myEntity]"

      Where [myUser] is your’s user Name & [myGroup] is your’s user Primary Group.

      How-to Look Up User Name & Group on Terminal

      Find User Name & Group

      For Instance:

      mkdir -p $HOME/hello/world

      Now to Give the ‘world’ Directory to the ‘root’ User do:

      sudo su -c "chown root:root $HOME/hello/world"

      Checking Ownership:

      ls -l $HOME/hello
    • To Set/Change Permissions Recursively Over a Directory and it’s Content (Subdirectories and Files):

      sudo su -c "chown -R [myUser]:[myGroup] [myEntity]"

      For Instance:

      sudo su -c "touch $HOME/hello/world/happy"

      Checking Ownership:

      ls -l $HOME/hello && ls -l $HOME/hello/world

      Now to Get Back the ‘world’ Directory with the ‘happy’ File:)

      sudo su -c "chown -R [myUser]:[myGroup] $HOME/hello/world"

      Check again Ownership like Above…

  4. How-to Change Permissions on CentOS File System:

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