GNU/Linux Mint Terminal Tutorial for Beginners

November 14, 2017 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist.


  1. 6. Moving Stuff

    Next Experiments the Dynamics of Files and Directories
    And in this Moving dimension Files or Directories are taken as the Same.
    [Again find out here how the “mv” Command is a Contraction of “Moving“]
    So now for instance Make and Empty ‘bottle’:

    touch ~/livingroom/bottle

    And then we Displace it in another Room:

    mv ~/livingroom/bottle ~/bedroom/

    Then verify Listing the ‘bedroom’ contents:

    ls ~/bedroom/

    And what you Find? The:


    Also if only an empty one, sorry :))

    Again you can Move & Rename at the same time like:

    mv ~/bedroom/bottle ~/bathroom/can

    Again we have “magically changed” an empty “bottle” inside the “bedroom” in an empty “can” inside to the “bathroom”. :))
    And as I said in the introduction the Command for Directories works the Same!
    So now again like “Alice in the Wonderland” we Reshape the Folder “livingroom” in the “garden” into a “teapot” in the bedroom! :}}

    mv ~/garden/livingroom ~/bedroom/teapot

    Patiently Verify it with:

    ls ~/bedroom/teapot

    Finding What?


    Simple :) Emptiness! :}

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