GNU/Linux Mint Terminal Tutorial for Beginners

November 14, 2017 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist.


  1. 7. Annihilating

    Finally, we try investigating our Magical Destroying Powers
    Deleting Directories and Files!

    Especially Releant: in a Working Environment you should Triple Check the Commands Before Execution
    Because in the Shell Environment there’s No Trash Bin and so the stuff is directly Annihilated!!!

    [And as you may have already wittily perceived, here “Removing” is just Resumed in “rm“]

    • How Removing Files.First, we Wipe Out the ‘box’ in the ‘livingroom’ with:

      rm $HOME/livingroom/box

      Check it with:

      ls $HOME/livingroom/

      Now we try the same for Multiple Entities
      First, we Make a Copy of the ‘can’ into then ‘bathroom’ in a ‘jar’ into the ‘bedroom’, Magically as before… :)) with:

      cp $HOME/bathroom/can $HOME/bedroom/jar

      And now how to brutally Get Rid of Both? Simply like that:

      rm $HOME/bathroom/can $HOME/bedroom/jar
    • How Removing Directories.Now we Start to furiously Destroying our nice Home… [[[:
      First, we Raze the ‘livingroom’:

      rm -rf $HOME/livingroom

      -rf” is a combination of Flags. “r” for Recursively and “f” for Forced
      And finally, finally, we simply Desert All-in-one the Remaining Habitats:

      rm -rf ~/bathroom ~/bedroom ~/garden

    Sorry, we have Turned our Home into Empty Space, but What a JOKE! {{{:

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