Linux Python Conda Virtual Environment Management QuickStart Guide

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Python Conda Virtual Environment Management

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How to Quick Start Managing Python Virtual Environments with Conda on GNU/Linux.

Because Conda for Ubuntu Xenial is a Python Package Manager but also an amazing Python Environment Manager.

Linux Python Conda Virtual Environment Quick Start Guide - Featured
  1. How to Install Python Conda on GNU/Linux Computers

    Linux Conda Installation Guide
  2. Conda Managing Python Virtual Environments Commands.

    • Create Environment

      conda create --name $ENVIRONMENT_NAME python
    • Activate Environment

      source activate $ENVIRONMENT_NAME
    • Deactivate Environment

      source deactivate
    • Install a Python Version

      conda install python=x.x
    • Install a Package

      conda install $PACKAGE_NAME
    • List Installed Packages

      conda list --name $ENVIRONMENT_NAME
    • Update a Package

      conda update --name $ENVIRONMENT_NAME $PACKAGE_NAME
  3. So Now I’m truly Happy if My Guide could Help You to Python Conda Virtual Environment Management!

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