How to Add CUDA Repository for openSUSE

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Add CUDA openSUSE Repository

Hello openSUSE User! The Tip Shows You How to Add the CUDA Repository for openSUSE GNU/Linux 64-bit.

And the OpenSUSE CUDA Install is a Parallel Computing Platform and Programming Model invented by NVIDIA.
It enables dramatic Increases in Computing Performance by harnessing the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU).

How to Add CUDA Repository openSUSE - Featured

  1. Open a Terminal Shell session
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    How to Add CUDA Repository openSUSE - Open Terminal Shell Emulator
  2. Then Download CUDA Repository for openSUSE

    cuda-repo Package

    Choose the openSUSE Release.
    And at this time for Tumbleweed Grab the 15 Link.
    Then Navigate to the x86_64 folder and Find cuda-repo-opensuse*x.y Package.

  3. Then to Install on openSUSE
    First, access the target directory:

    cd && cd Downloads

    Check that is there with:

    ls .

    (If not there see into /tmp/mozilla*…)
    And Setup it with:

    sudo rpm -ivh cuda-repo-opensuse*.rpm

    Refresh Repos with:

    sudo zypper refresh

    And Add User to Video group:

    sudo usermod -a -G video [username]
  4. Finally, Install Required Packages
    Kernel Headers:

    sudo zypper in -v kernel-default-devel=$(uname -r | sed 's/\-default//')

    And GCC:

    sudo zypper in gcc

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