How to Install Keras in Linux Mint 17 GNU/Linux

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Keras Linux Mint 17 - Installation

  1. 3. Installing Keras

    Then to Install Keras on Linux Mint.

    Keras is a component of the TensorFlow suite and so it’s installed toghether with it…
    So now for TensorFlow Stable Release CPU-only execute:

    pip3 install --user tensorflow

    But for a Python 2 Setup Change pip3 in pip…
    For Nightly build CPU-only (unstable):

    pip3 install --user tf-nightly

    GPU package for CUDA-enabled GPU cards:

    pip3 install --user tensorflow-gpu

    Nightly build with GPU support (unstable):

    pip3 install --user tf-nightly-gpu

    Finally, if instead you want to Install Only Keras:

    pip3 install --user keras

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