How to Enable Chromebook Developer Mode

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Enabling Chromebook Developer Mode

You are Welcome! This Tip Shows You Step-by-step How to Enable Chromebook Developer Mode.

Then, What’s Chromebook Developer Mode?.

Basically Chrome Dev Mode Make these Changes on the Device:

  1. Switch Off the Verified Boot so you Can Run a GNU/Linux OS
  2. Provide More Access to the Files System
How to Enable Chromebook Developer Mode - Featured
  1. 1. Shutting Down Device

    So Firstly just Power Off Chromebook.

  2. 2. Booting in Recovery Mode

    So Now, Start-Up Chromebook in Recovery Mode.

    • For an Ordinary Chromebook: Hold Down + (circular arrow) and then also
    • On a ChromeBit like instead: Find and Hold Down the (it’s inside a little hole) with a thin Object. Then again also the
  3. 3. Skipping Recovery Media

    Then when Ask for Recovery Media press +

    How to Enable Chromebook Developer Mode - Enter Recovery Media

    Then to Confirm!

  4. 4. Confirming Boot

    Finally, Confirm OS Verification is Off again by pressing +
    Please be Aware that this action will Make a slightly Less Secure System..

    How to Enable Chromebook Developer Mode - Os Verification is OFF

    And After Boot the Developer Mode will be Enabled! :)

  5. So Now I’m truly Happy if My Guide could Help You to Enable Chromebook Dev Mode!

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