Python Conda Virtual Environment Quickstart Tutorial for GNU/Linux

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Anaconda Virtual Environment Tutorial

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step How to Create & Manage Anaconda/Conda Virtual Environments on GNU/Linux Systems.

Furthermore, you find included Link on How to Get Started with Anaconda PIP on Linux.

Finally, the Guide is just Essential to make you Understand How to Get Started with Conda Virtual Environments.

Python Conda Virtual Environment Quicstart Tutorial for GNU/Linux - Featured
  1. 1. Installing Anaconda

    How to Install Anaconda Python on Linux

    Anaconda Python GNU/Linux Setup
  2. 2. Making Conda Virtual Env

    Then to Create Anaconda Virtual Environment
    For an Ordinary one:

    conda create --name mycondaenv

    Confirm with ‘y’.
    And instead to make a Virtual Env with a Specific Python Version:

    conda create -n mycondaenv python=3.7

    Again, to make a Virtual Env with a specific Package for instance:

    conda create -n mycondaenv scipy

    Again, to create a Virtual Env with a specific Version of a Package:

    conda create -n mycondaenv scipy=0.15.0

    Finally, to create a Virtual Env with Multiple Packages:

    conda create -n mycondaenv python=3.7 scipy=0.15.0 astroid babel
  3. 3. Activating Conda Virtual Env

    Next to Activate Anaconda Virtual Environment

    conda activate mycondaenv

    But for Conda prior to 4.6 do:

    source activate
  4. 4. Deactivating Conda Virtual Env

    conda deactivate

    Instead, for Conda prior to 4.6 run:

    source deactivate
  5. 5. Getting Started Anaconda PIP

    Python Anaconda Virtual Environments Documentation

    Conda PIP Setup

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