Linux Albert Getting Started Guide

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Albert Linux Getting Started Guide

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How to Getting Started with Albert in GNU/Linux Desktops.

And Albert for Linux is a Unified and Efficient Access to your Machine. Technically it is a Keyboard Launcher written in C++/Qt. The Plugin based Architecture makes it Extremely Flexible and Powerful.

So with Albert you can Efficently Live Searching into your Apps, Files, Documents, and much more.

Furthermore, with the Plugin WebSearch Enabled is able also to Give you Suggestions based on a List of Search Engines and Websites!

How to Get Started with Albert on Linux - Featured
  1. 1. Installing Albert

    How to Install Albert on GNU/Linux Computers

    Albert Installation Guide
  2. 2. Launching Albert

    So First, Launch Albert
    Now, to Start from Shell simply:

    How to Install Albert on Ubuntu LTS - Launching

    Over the First, Launch if Possible to choose directly the Hot Key combination for Launching Albert Search Bar

     - Fisrt Launch
    How to Install Albert on Ubuntu LTS - Albert Launcher
  3. 3. Setting Up Hotkey

    Then Choose the Keys Combination for Launching Albert
    You can always Access the Albert Settings from the System Tray, Here in the Gnome 3 Desktop:

     - System Tray

    And then Set a HotKey, in this Example ‘Ctrl+Alt+a’:

     - settings General
  4. 4. Enabling Plugins

    Then to Enable Albert Live Searching Turn On some Extensions
    At Least the Applications… But you have a wide Range of Choices:

     - Enabling Extensions

    And to Get Web Search Suggestions Enable also the WebSearch Plugin.

  5. 6. Serching/Launching

    Finally, Albert is ready for Live Searching
    Make use of the Keystroke to Open Albert Search Bar:

     - Searching

    Start Typing to Get Live Suggestions from your Computer or from the Web.

  6. 6. Albert Customization

    Finally, to Customize Albert Further

    Albert Extensive Guide

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