How to Install ActiveMQ on Manjaro GNU/Linux Easy Guide

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ActiveMQ 5 Manjaro Linux Installation Guide

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step How to Install ActiveMQ 5 in Manjaro GNU/Linux Desktop.

And Apache ActiveMQ for Manjaro Linux is the Most Popular Open Source, Multi-Protocol, Java-based Messaging Server.

Furthermore, its Supports Industry Standard Protocols so users get the benefits of Client Choices across a Broad Range of Languages and Platforms.

Some ActiveMQ Features are:

  • Fully JMS Compliant
  • Connectivity (Wide range of Connectivity Options with protocols: Http/s, IP multicast, STOMP, TCP, UDP, XMPP)
  • Pluggable persistence and security
  • Building messaging applications with Java
  • Integration with application servers (Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Apache Geronimo, JBoss)
  • Client APIs (C/C++, .NET,Perl,Python,Ruby and more)
  • Broker clustering (Many ActiveMQ brokers can work together as a network of brokers for scalability purposes)
  • Dramatically simplified administration

As Pre-Requisite for Apache ActiveMQ is the Oracle Java SE JDK 8+ Installation for Manjaro Linux.

How to Install ActiveMQ on Manjaro Linux - Featured
  1. First, open a Terminal shell emulator window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    How to Install ActiveMQ on Manjaro Linux - Open Terminal

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