How to Install Oracle 18c Express Database on CentOS GNU/Linux

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Oracle 18c Express CentOS Installation Guide

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How to Install and Getting-Started with Oracle 18c Express Edition Database on CentOS 6.x/7.x/8.x x8664 GNU+Linux Desktop.

And Oracle Database Express for CentOS is a Free, Smaller-Footprint edition of Oracle Database. Oracle Database XE is Easy to Install and Easy to Manage.

Finally, with Oracle Database XE and related Tools you can:

  • Administer the database
  • Create tables, views, and other database objects
  • Import, export, and view table data
  • Run queries and SQL scripts
How to Install Oracle 18c Express Database on CentOS - Featured
  1. Open Console Terminal Shell emulator window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    How to Install Oracle 18c Express Database on CentOS - Kde CentOS Open Terminal
  2. Download Oracle 18c Express Database Linux

    Oracle 18c Express DB 64-bit

    Grab Both the Database and the Preinstall Rpms for CentOS.

  3. First, Install Required Packages

    sudo yum install oracle-database-preinstall-18c*.rpm
  4. Then Double-Click on Archive and Extract into /tmp/
    Or from Shell:

    unzip -d /tmp/ ~/Downloads/oracle-xe-18c*.zip
  5. Oracle 18c Express Database Installation

    sudo yum install oracle-xe-18c*.rpm
  6. Post-Installation SetUp

    su -c "/etc/init.d/oracle-xe-18c configure"

    Possibly Accept the 8080 and 1521 Default Ports…
    Then Set and Take Note of Password for SYS and SYSTEM Admin Accounts
    Finally, the Installation should be Successfull! :)

  7. Getting-Started with Oracle 18c Express Database

    Oracle 18c XE Quick Start

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