How to Encrypt Disk on Ubuntu GNU/Linux

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Ubuntu Disk Encryption Guide

You are Welcome! This Tip Shows You Step-by-step How to Encrypt a Disk in Ubuntu GNU/Linux Desktop.

Especially Relevant: with this procedure No Data will be Discarded and so the Existing Data are Preserved.

But if you intend Encrypt a Disk Formatting it, then instead launching the Setup Choose to Create a volume within a partition/device…

And in this guide to Encrypt Volume on Ubuntu I make use of the VeraCrypt Software.

Furthermore, VeraCrypt make an On-the-fly Encryption, this meaning that Data are automatically Enctypted or Decripted before they are Loaded or Saved.

Finally, with VeraCrypt you can even create an Hidden Volume that Nobody can reveal!

How to Encrypt Disk on Ubuntu GNU/Linux - Featured
  1. 1. Installing VeraCrypt

    How to Install VeraCrypt on Ubuntu GNU/Linux

    VeraCrypt Installation Guide


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