How to Create a SmartGit Linux Desktop Menu Launcher Easy Guide

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How Make a SmartGit Launcher on Linux Desktops

You are Welcome! The Guide Show You Step-by-Step How to Create a SmartGit Client Menu Launcher on GNU/Linux Desktops.

And SmartGit for Linux is a Git and Mercurial Graphical Client which can also connect to SVN Repositories.

Finally, Git is a Distributed VCS that allows you to make Frequent, Local Commits to Checkpoint your Work while you’re still Perfecting the Code.

How to Install RabbitVCS on Linux Mint 20
  1. Open a Command Line Console Window

  2. How to Install SmartGit Client on Linux

    SmartGit Client Setup Guide
  3. Creating a SmartGit Client Menu Launcher.

    sudo /opt/smartgit/bin/

    The Script will Add a Menu Launcher on the Programming Section…

    Linux Desktops SmartGit How Launcher - Launcher

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