How to Install Epson Inkjet Printer Driver on Arch Linux

September 23, 2019 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist | Filed in: Tutorial.

Setting Up Driver

  1. 2. Installing AUR Package Manager

    How to Install Yay for Arch GNU/Linux

    Installing Yay Aur Package Installer
  2. 4. Installing Driver

    Installing Epson Arch Driver
    If a Package is available then Setup it with:

    yay -S [packageName]

    Substitute [packageName] with than found on the AUR Repo.

    Look for Epson Arch AUR Packages

    Search Epson Drivers

    Else If Not Found then Try the GutenPrint Alternative

    GutenPrint Quick Start Guide

    Again Check if the Epson Model is Supported by GutenPrint…


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