GNU/Linux Debian Sid/Unstable Samsung Printer Driver Installation Guide

November 12, 2019 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist | Filed in: Tutorial.

Setting Up Driver

  1. Add Samsung Unified Linux Driver Repository

    Adding Suldr Repo
  2. List All Available Printer/Scanner Drivers

    apt search suld-driver
  3. Find the Proper suld-driver to Install

    Check Samsung Printers
  4. Then to Install Samsung Printer Debian Driver
    Simply run:

    sudo apt install suld-driver-[RIGHTVERSION]

    Substitute [RIGHTVERSION] with the Version found on the Above step.

  5. And eventually to Install Samsung GUI Printer Manager

    sudo apt install suld-configurator-2-qt4
  6. Again to Install/Update CUPS Service

    sudo apt install cups cups-client

    And if Freshly installed then Start it:

    sudo service cups start
  7. Finally, Go on System Settings to Add Printer
    And the Printer will be Recognized and Installed.


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