Manjaro Installer Stuck on Remaining 8 Modules Issue

December 7, 2019 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist.

Also showing on Terminal ‘requirement 0 “partitions” is not satisfied.’

Hi! This Tip Try to Solve No Device Available in Manjaro GNU/Linux Calamares Installer.

And this Problem may be Caused from the Attitude of Manjaro Calamares Installer of Easily Dropping an Entire Disk when a iso9660 Volume is Found and taken Unwisely as a CD.

So I encourage the involved Developers to Fix this Issue simply taking into Account the Size of the Disk, because a Big Device for instance of 1Tb simply Cannot be a CD!

Also, because this is Impeding an Installation without CD or USB.

Manjaro Installer Stuck on Remaining 8 Modules Issue - Featured
  1. 1. Checking

    First, Try to Discover the Manjaro Calamares Issue
    So Drop a Terminal and play:

    sudo -E calamares -d

    If you don’t see what then Stop the Installer and Look Back to the Output…
    The Issue should be like:
    Removing device with iso9660 filesystem (probably a CD) on it “/dev/sda”
    The iso9660 is a Kind of Volume for a Burned ISO Live OS.
    And if you Find trace of ‘WARNING: system is EFI but no EFI system partitions found.’ Overfly it, it’s only misleading suggestion.

  2. 2. Fixing

    Next to Fix Issue
    Run GParted:

    sudo gparted

    Look for the iso9660 Fyle System Partition and Delete it!
    Finally, try to Run Installer Again.

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