How to Install Debian Buster on a VMware Fusion Virtual Machine

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  1. 2. Making VMware Fusion VM

    How to Create a VMware Fusion Virtual Machine from Linux ISO

    Creating a Linux VM
  2. 3. Installing Debian Buster

    Now to Install Debian 10 VM
    Start by choosing “Graphical install”:

    Then select a Language:
    (To confirm choices use Space-Bar, Enter or your Mouse)

    Again select the Location:

    Configure the Keyboard:

    Now start to load the installer components and the Network Hardware lookup:

    So then set the “hostname”:

    Next also the Domain Name:

    Choose the “root” User Password:

    Now set the User Full Name:

    Again the “username”:

    And the User Password:

    Configure the Clock:

    Follow with the Disk partitioning.
    Confirm to “Guided – use entire disk”:

    Choose the Disk to partition:

    And as a Partition Scheme you can simply confirm for the All-in-one:

    Now confirm to “Finish partitioning and write changes to disk”:

    Again confirm to write changes to Disks:

    Then start automatically the base system setup:

    Next follow to configure the Apt Package Manager.
    So confirm to use a Network Mirror:

    Then choose the Mirror Country:

    Again the Archive Mirror:

    And possibly also the Proxy Url:

    Then start automatically the first software installation procedure:

    Next you can choose the additional Software and the Desktop to setup on System:

    Again you may wait a little longer for the Software installation:

    Now confirm to install GRUB Boot Loader:

    And next select /dev/sda as Target:

    Finally, the Installation should be successfully achieved:

    Congrats, you should be able to Restart into Debian 10 GNU/Linux!


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