GNU/Linux Mint 19 Kernel 5.11 Installation Guide

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GNU/Linux Mint 19 Installing Kernel 5.11 Guide

Hi! The linked Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step How to Update to Linux Kernel 5.11 in GNU/Linux Mint 19.x Desktop.

And Kernel 5.11 for Mint 19 is easily installed by the Mainline Kernel Updater GUI Tool.

Moreover, the Mainline Features:

  • Fetches Kernel list from

  • Optionally watches and displays notifications when a new kernel update is available

  • Downloads and installs packages automatically

  • Display available and installed kernels conveniently

  • Install/remove kernels from gui

  • For each kernel, the related packages (headers & modules) are installed or removed at the same time

GNU/Linux Mint 19 Kernel 5.11 Installation Guide

How to Install Kernel 5.11 on Mint 19 GNU/Linux

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