Step-by-step – Broadcom WiFi Driver Kali 2021 Installation

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GNU/Linux Kali 2021 Installing Broadcom Wi-Fi Driver Guide

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How to Install Broadcom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Driver in Kali GNU/Linux 2021.

And Broadcom Wireless Cards on Kali Linux 2021 needs Proprietary Software (called “Firmware”) that Runs on the Wireless Chip itself to Work Properly.

Furthermore, this Package contains Broadcom’s IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Hybrid Linux Device Driver for use with Broadcom’s BCM43xx based Hardware.

The Broadcom Wl Kali Driver Supports the following Devices:

  • BCM4311
  • BCM4312
  • BCM4313
  • BCM4321
  • BCM4322
  • BCM43142
  • BCM43224
  • BCM43225
  • BCM43227
  • BCM43228
  • BCM4331
  • BCM4360
  • BCM4352

And the Broadcom B43 Kali Driver Supports the following Devices:

  • BCM4318
  • BCM4306/3

Finally, for the below Adapters see instead the Broadcom B43 Legacy Kali Firmware:

  • BCM4306/2
  • BCM4301
  • BCM4309

Broadcom Driver Kali GNU/Linux Installation Guides

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