How to Install Latest Kernel in RedHat Linux 7.x

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GNU/Linux RedHat 7 Installing Latest Mainline Kernel Guide

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How to Install Latest Mainline Kernel for RedHat GNU/Linux Enterprise 7.x Desktop/Server.

And the Latest Mainline Kernel for RedHat Linux 7 Installation proposed here come from the ElRepo Repository and the Mainline Branch.

However, as a possible Alternative you can try directly to Download and Build Linux following this Guide: How to Install Kernel from Source on RedHat Linux 7.

Finally, the Linux Kernel was initially Conceived and Created in 1991 by Finnish Computer Science Student Linux Torvalds, for his Personal Computer and with no cross-platform intentions.
But has since Expanded to support a Huge Array of Computer Architectures, more than any other Operating System or Kernel.

How to Install Latest Kernel in RedHat Linux 7.x
  1. 1. Command Line QuickStart

    How-to Quick-Start with Command Line on RedHat Linux

    Command Line RedHat Linux QuickStart Guide


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