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GNU/Linux Fedora 34 Broadcom Wi-fi Driver Setup – Step-by-step Guide

Hi! The Tutorial shows you Step-by-Step How to Install Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth Drivers in GNU/Linux Fedora 34.

Especially relevant: here below you find the Broadcom Wireless Driver Fedora Linux Setup Guides for most Adapters.

But if you are unaware of what’s in your Computer, first see: How to Get Wireless Adapter Info on GNU/Linux.

The Broadcom Wl Fedora Driver Supports the following Devices:

  • BCM4311
  • BCM4312
  • BCM4313
  • BCM4321
  • BCM4322
  • BCM43142
  • BCM43224
  • BCM43225
  • BCM43227
  • BCM43228
  • BCM4331
  • BCM4352
  • BCM4360

Again the Broadcom Brcmfmac Driver is supporting the following Devices:

  • BCM43143
  • BCM43235
  • BCM43236
  • BCM43238
  • BCM43241
  • BCM43242
  • BCM4329
  • BCM4330
  • BCM4334
  • BCM43340
  • BCM43341
  • BCM4335
  • BCM43362
  • BCM4339
  • BCM43430
  • BCM43455
  • BCM4350
  • BCM4354
  • BCM4356
  • BCM43567
  • BCM43570
  • BCM4358
  • BCM4359
  • BCM43602
  • BCM4364 (With an Updated 6.2+ Kernel)
  • BCM4365
  • BCM4366/e
  • BCM43569
  • BCM43752 (Currently may require an Updated 6.2+ Kernel T2 Firmware)
  • BCM4377b (Currently may require a T2 Kernel+Firmware)
  • BCM4378 (Currently may require an Updated 6.2+ Kernel T2 Firmware)
  • BCM4387 (Currently may require an Updated 6.2+ Kernel T2 Firmware)

And the Broadcom B43 Fedora Driver Supports the following Chipsets:

  • BCM4306/3
  • BCM4318
  • BCM4301
  • BCM4306/2
  • BCM4309
How to Install Broadcom Driver in Fedora 34 - Featured
  1. 1. Checking Wifi Card Model

    Finding Wireless Adapter Chipset ID

    Finding Out Wifi Card Model
  2. 2. GNU/Linux Fedora 34 Broadcom WiFi Driver Installation Guides

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