Chroot Fedora 35 – Step-by-step

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GNU/Linux Fedora 35 Chroot Guide

Hi! The Tutorial Shows in Easy Steps How to Properly Chroot Fedora 35 Systems with Network Enabled.

Hence, Chrooting consist in Changing the root Directory on a Different Partition from the Boot System.

And Chroot is also defined as the Operation that Changes the Apparent root Directory for the Current Running Process and their Children.

Especially relevant: the Chroot is usually achieved Starting up the System with a Live OS Media.

As a Result you’ll be Able to Operate on the New Root Device pretty like a regularly Started System with Networking.

Step-by-step – Chroot Fedora 35 Easy Guide
  1. 1. Unmounting Target

    Then Find Out the New Root Target Drive
    First, Login as SuperUser to make easier the Commands execution:

    sudo su

    su –

    Then look into the List of the Mounted devices with:
    df -h

    If You can Not to Find it then try Visually with GParted:


    Possibly Unmount it with:

    umount /dev/sd[XN]
    Just Replace [XN] with the actual Device’s Identifier.

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  2. 2. Mounting Root

    Mount the New Root Target Device
    Firt make a New Directory by:

    mkdir /mnt/newroot
    And then to Mount:
    mount /dev/sd[XN] /mnt/newroot
  3. 3. Mounting Pseudoterminal

    Hence Mount the Pseudoterminal Slave
    First, make the Target folder:

    if [ ! -d "/mnt/newroot/dev/pts" ]; then mkdir /mnt/newroot/dev/pts; fi
    And then Mount it with:
    mount -t devpts none /mnt/newroot/dev/pts


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